The issue of rising costs is one that is of real concern to the voluntary sector. We've heard from organisations that one area where they are facing bigger bills is on Business Rates - charges that are paid to local authorities for the use of buildings.

Registered charities should all receive an automatic 80% exemption on any Business Rates that are payable on their properties. Local authorities are also able to offer an additional exemption on the remaining 20% - known as charitable discretionary relief.

We want to get a full picture of whether charities are currently able to claim this 20% discretionary relief, and if not, whether this is something that you have been able to claim in previous years.

Please spend 5 mins to tell us how Business Rate charges are affecting your organisation. Your response will help us understand how Business Rates are affecting charities across the country.

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* 1. Is your organisation a registered charity?

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* 2. Did you know that local authorities are able to offer charities discretionary relief of 20% on Business Rates?

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* 4. Has your organisation made an application to your local authority in the last two years to claim discretionary rate relief?