Community Survey

The Bradford County Department of Community Planning and Mapping Services under the direction of the Bradford County Commissioners has initiated an update of the Bradford County Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated in 2004.  In the time since the last County Plan, some things have changed and others have remained the same.  This survey is one method being used to take the pulse of the county.  Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.  While most require choosing responses by checking the box, there are spaces for your individual comments as well.  Please note at the end of the survey your responses are not registered until you have answered the questions as requested and see the page with the word "Completed" on it.

1. Overall, what do you like most about Bradford County? (Check no more than your top 5)

2. Overall, what do you think are Bradford County's major problems? (Check no more than your top 5)

3. Identify major issues and problems you feel Bradford County leaders should address in the near future. (Check no more than your top 5 priority issues and problems)

4. How do you feel about the following services/facilities in your community? (Check one rating for each service; if a service does not exist where you live please check "Not Applicable")

  Good Fair Poor Not Applicable
Police Protection
Fire Protection
Flood Protection
Recreation Facilities/Opportunities
Ordinance Enforcement
Trash/Garbage Collection/Recycling
Tourism Promotion
Other Municipal Services
Public Transit
State Highway Maintenance
Municipal Street/Road Maintenance
Land Use/Development Regulations
Sanitary Sewer Service
Public Water Service
Electric Service
Telephone - land
Telephone – cell
Other Telecommunication (Internet/Cable/TV)
Health Care/Emergency Services
Visual Quality/Aesthetics
Public Education
Housing Choice

5. Please identify the Borough or Township in which you live

6. How do you feel the County rates on each of the following “quality of life” issues? (Check strength or weakness for each issue)

  Strength Weakness
Visual/aesthetic quality of the area
Educational system (through High School)
Educational system (after High School)
Availability of shopping choices
Availability of social services
Housing/property conditions
Community leadership
Cost of living
Public Safety
Safe drinking water
Employment opportunities
Housing opportunities
Recreational opportunities
Social/Cultural/Entertainment activities
Community pride
History and heritage
Civic/Volunteer Organizations

7. Which one of the following best characterizes your view on growth and development?

8. Which one of the following best characterizes your view on development regulations in your community?

9. Which of the following would you like to see more of in the County? (Check your top 5 choices)

10. Please feel free to make any comments that you feel are relevant to the Plan