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Nowadays, organisations have to rethink their customer offerings, business models, services and business processes. For this reason, DigitalFuture AG regularly conducts surveys on current topics.
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©iPM³ integrative Pocess Management Maturity Model
This survey is aimed at people for whom business process management (BPM) plays a central role. The maturity level of BPM is related to the industry, size and role of an organisation. This survey assesses the maturity level of BPM in detail in order to make concrete statements about the professionalisation and potential of BPM. This empirical study was conducted for the first time in 2015 and showed specifically in which areas of BPM there are deficits and what the maturity level of BPM is in practice. You can find the summary of the study here.

Please answer the following questions on a scale from "fully disagree" to "fully agree". If you are unable to assess a question, please select "I cannot judge".

The information collected will be kept absolutely confidential. No person or organisation names are mentioned in the results report, but only industry-related conclusions are drawn.

You are welcome to forward this survey to other interested persons. If you wish, you will receive a free summary of this study as a thank you for your participation.
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