* 1. What year did the Brownsburg Public Library become part of the Brownsburg community? And where was the location of the original building? (The original customer service desk from the Carnegie Library can be found in our Local History Area.)

* 2. When did BPL move to 450 South Jefferson Street? (The dedication plaque is located by the east entrance.)

* 3. What year did BPL first provide internet access to our community? (The number of public computer stations has grown from 1 to 24.)

* 4. How many free songs can a customer download from Freegal each week? (Look for the Freegal banner to find the answer.)

* 5. The BPL Itty-Bitty programs are designed with the youngest members of the Brownsburg community in mind. How old do you need to be to register as an Itty-Bitty? (Take a look at the program rooms back in the Children’s Department.)

* 6. Who was Bob Keenan and why was the library shop named after him? (Proceeds from the library shop fund the wide range of programs BPL is able to offer to the community.)

* 7. How many book clubs does BPL have? (Details are available in the flyer located at the Customer ServiceDesk.)

* 8. What bestselling author is visiting the library in October? (Don’t forget to wave to the BPL Director when looking for the answer on her office window.)

* 9. Can the library catalog help you find a Brownsburg community softball league or swim club?

* 10. What is the name of BPL’s newest download sensation? (The most current magazine is immediately available for check-out from this service.)

* 11. Please enter your name, phone number, and email below to be entered into our drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.

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