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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short evaluation for the BPI China 2012 conference. Your feedback will greatly help us in planning next year's program, particularly if you have any topics or speakers/companies you wish to see/hear at this event. We hope to meet every attendee's requests and needs as much as possible.

* 1. What was the main reason you attended this conference? Were your objectives met?

* 2. How would you rate your satisfaction level of this IBC Conference?

* 3. Would you attend another IBC conference on this topic in the future?

* 4. What were the 3 TOPICS you were most interested in coming to hear at this conference?

* 5. Please list the names of the Speakers who gave the most valuable/best presentations at the conference.

* 6. What do you see as being the most important issue(s) facing your industry or organization within the next year?

* 7. Please list 3 ADDITIONAL TOPICS that you would like to see presented at next year's conference.

* 8. Please list 3 industry leaders or companies who you would like to see give a presentation at next year's conference. Please porviide name, company and topic suggestions where available:

* 9. Please list any companies not represented in the exhibit hall that you would like to have seen?

* 10. IBC would like to add one NEW conference track to next year's BPI China conference. Please suggest a theme/title for this new track that YOU would like us to add:

* 11. We sincerely welcome any other comments or improvements on the event that you'd like to suggest here.

* 12. If you found this conference worthwhile, please write a testimonial that if appropriate, we may use on future brochures. Thank you!