The Bootstrap Awards are hosted annually by The Ottawa Network (TON) together with intellectual property law firm Smart & Biggar to recognize and celebrate self-capitalized businesses that have “bootstrapped” their growth with limited outside funding to achieve commercial success. The awards were created to recognize the outstanding achievements of early-stage companies in all industries, both for-profit and non-profit, and across a range of distinct criteria-based categories.
To be eligible for a Bootstrap Award, companies must be located in the National Capital Region, from Eastern Ontario to Western Quebec; have been in business less than seven (7) years; and have not received more than $500,000 in outside investment funding (excluding non-convertible debt and grants).
Applications will be accepted from December 12, 2022 to January 30, 2023. Award winners will be announced at a Winners Awards Celebration on March 7, 2023, at the Tech Tuesday Event at the Marshes Golf Club.
Bootstrap Award Categories:
GREEN AWARD The winner demonstrates how their company or organization is striving to improve the environment or contribute to environmental health or awareness through a combination of environmental and economic (commercial) sustainability.
INNOVATION AWARD The winner demonstrates how their company has applied scientific and/or engineering expertise and technology to solve a problem in a way that is unique and innovative.
SAAS AWARD The winner demonstrates how their company uses Software as a Service to provide a product that has customer uptake and enthusiasm as shown in number of customers and/or growth.
MARKETING AWARD The winner demonstrates how they used innovative marketing strategies to attract media attention and stakeholder involvement while cost-effectively acquiring customers and clients.
BOOTSTRAP CAPITAL AWARD The winner demonstrates their ability to self-finance and “bootstrap” their enterprise with limited or no help from Angel or Venture Capital investors, and grow their business while remaining economically viable and profitable.
DISRUPTOR AWARD The winner demonstrates how they are boldly trying to turn a business or paradigm on its head or changing an industry and have received some early traction from supporters. This award celebrates those who have a big vision and are taking a risk to make their vision a reality.
COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARD The winner demonstrates how their efforts or organization has had an impact on the community in terms of social good by improving diversity, providing a service or product to an under-served community, raising awareness of a cause or initiative through a unique event, campaign, or fundraising program and by using innovative and/or entrepreneurial techniques. This award may be given to an individual entrepreneur or company.
FOUNDER OF THE YEAR AWARD This winner demonstrates exceptional leadership and ability to grow their company and build their business through stakeholder engagement and networking, and/or shown themselves to be a leader and influencer in the business community, acting as a peer role model for other founders.
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