What bonus reads would you want to see from me?

Rank your choices for a possible short (VERY short) bonus read that would be sent out to newsletter subscribers. Ranking 1 -10. The more you want to see a bonus book for that selection the higher you'll rank it. Example you'd LOVE to see a bonus book in X series. X series would be ranked #1 by you then, going down from there to the one you want to see least. You can either drag and drop the choices around and order then that way or you can select a number and rank them that way. Thank you all so much! -- Mandy

Question Title

* 1. If I were to write a short (VERY short) bonus read to be included in my newsletter, what would you want to see it be about? Rank your answers. 1-10 (1 being highest, 10 being lowest)

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