Higgins Lake and other Michigan lakes have been impacted by aquatic invasive species (AIS), which are animals and plants that are not native to the state, harm the environment, and are expensive to control. Boat washing is a great tool to help prevent the spread of AIS between inland lakes, including Higgins Lake!  The purpose of this survey is to gather input from Michigan boaters about boat washing and how the Higgins Lake Foundation (HLF) can help with outreach.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your answers will help HLF develop programs that will preserve our precious Michigan water resources! To learn more about AIS, visit www.higginslake-foundation.org, www.michigan.gov/invasives, or www.micbcw.org.

* 1. Did you receive a postcard survey?

* 2. Do you believe you have adequate information about aquatic invasive species?

* 3. Do you understand the purpose of a boat wash?

* 4. Do you voluntarily wash your boat at Higgins Lake?

* 5. Do you believe it should be mandatory to wash your boat at Higgins Lake?

* 6. In what lakes do you launch your boat?

* 7. Are you a lakefront property owner (riparian)?

* 8. OPTIONAL: Please enter your zip code.

* 9. OPTIONAL: What is your age?