BMES provides grant funding to support BMES Student Chapter events and activities such as: research symposiums for undergrads/grads, workshops on BME topics, K-12 outreach, and other events.

To be eligible for grants:
- Your BMES Student Chapter must be in good standing
- Your BMES Student Chapter must have submitted a chapter development report in the previous year
- Your chapter must have at least 35% of the total students enrolled in your university's BME department as BMES Student Members

You must submit your funding request up to 6 weeks in advance of your event.

* 1. What is the name of your BMES Student Chapter?

* 2. How many undergraduate students are enrolled in your university's BME department?

* 3. Please provide a description of the event for which your BMES Student Chapter is requesting funding.

* 4. When do you plan to host your event?

* 5. How many BMES Student Members belong to your BMES Student Chapter?

You MUST submit the entire list of students to Elizabeth Da Silva at

* 6. How much funding are you requesting?
Please provide budget detail including the full cost of the event.
What specifically you are requesting a BMES grant to cover?
What additional funding sources have you secured?

* 7. Who is your BMES Student Chapter's Faculty Advisor?

* 8. Please attest to the following statement.

The "____ University BMES Student Chapter promises to use the requested funding for the purpose stated on this form. Furthermore, the "___ University BMES Student Chapter" promises to report to BMES within 30 days of the end of the event on the events success."

Please list the name of the BMES Student Chapter Faculty Advisor in the box below to attest to the above statement.