* 1. Does the access situation at a crag affect your decision to visit?

* 2. Have you ever visited a crag where climbing was banned?

* 3. How do you currently keep updated with crag access information?

* 4. How often do you check the RAD?

* 5. If you use RAD, when do you check it?

* 6. If you answered ‘never’ above, why don’t you use the RAD?

* 7. Please rank each of the following pieces of information available on the RAD to indicate how useful they are. (1 being most useful) - please note the survey will automatically order your choices

* 8. Does the current traffic light system (green = crag open, amber = current restrictions, red = no access) work for you in providing an overview of which crags in an area are currently open?

* 9. How do you prefer to search for crags in the RAD?

* 10. If a feature were available allowing you to 'sign up' to crags and be sent automatic updates to access changes, how would you prefer to be informed? (Tick one or more)

* 11. How would you prefer the information on RAD to be displayed?

* 12. What information is currently missing from the RAD that would be useful to you?

* 13. Is 'Regional Access Database' a good name and if not, what should it be called?

* 14. If there was an option to add information or suggest corrections to the RAD, would you use it?

* 15. If the BMC were to extend the RAD to cover all crags not just those with known or likely access issues would you be more, the same or less likely to use it?

* 16. If there was a mobile application to access the RAD would you use it?

* 17. Is maintaining an access database such as the RAD a good use of BMC time?

* 18. Very finally: is there anything you haven't mentioned, or that we haven't asked that you feel should be changed or done differently? Have you any other comments about the BMC's RAD?

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