* 1. Are you male or female?

* 2. What is your current level of study?

* 3. What is your program of study?

* 4. Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5 where Strongly disagree (=1) to Strongly agree (=5)

  strongly disagree (1) 2 3 4 strongly agree (5)
1.My University has clearly written policies for academic integrity
2.The academic integrity policies are emphasized upon to the students at my university
3.Students caught cheating are penalized fairly and non-discriminately at my university
4.Faculties at my school show genuine concern for academic integrity
5.My University has a good climate for academic integrity
6.Individuals should sacrifice self-interest for the group
7.Individuals should stick with the group even through difficulties
8.Group welfare is more important than individual rewards
9.Group success is more important than individual success
10.Individuals should only pursue their goals after considering the welfare of the group
11.Group loyalty should be encouraged even if individual goals suffer
12. I am a person whose moods are stable.
13. I keep my emotions under control.
14. I do not worry about things.
15. I do not become overwhelmed by events.
16. I feel other people’s emotions.
17. I like to do things for others.
18. I avoid imposing my will on others.
19. I seek to avoid conflict.
20. I get things done quickly.
21. I always know what I am doing.
22. I do not like disorder.
23.I see to it that rules are observed.
24. I would let my friend copy from me during in-class tests and exams
25. I would let my friend copy my assignment and present it as his/her own work
26. I would help my friend in completing his/her take home individual assessment
27. When I notice cheating by others, I would not inform the university
28.  would bring cheat sheets to the exam to copy, if I intended to cheat.
29. I would copy from another student during an exam, if I intended to cheat.
30. I would use smart phone or other electronic devices to cheat in an exam, if I intended to cheat.
31. I would copy material and turn it in as my work, if I intended to cheat.
32. I  would outsource someone to write my assignment and submit it as my work, if I intended to cheat
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