* 1. Is your blog purely personal or do you leverage it for financial gain, either through ads or as a ‘shop window’ for your skills/business?

* 2. What has your experience with PRs contacting you?

* 3. Do you write ‘sponsored’ posts, where a PR or brand pays you to write about their product / service on your blog?

* 4. Has a PR ever asked you NOT to disclose your interest in relation to their client’s product or service?

* 5. Do you have press room experience?

* 6. Have you ever approached a media list service (e.g. Gorkana, Cision) to list your blog?

* 7. What tools do you use to measure the influence of your blog (if any)? If none, please state ‘none’

* 8. If you had one single piece of advice for PRs approaching your blog, what would it be?