Dear Neighbor,

Every year, each Chicago ward is allotted $1.32 million to be used for a “menu” of infrastructure maintenance and improvements. In the 47th Ward, my office strives to make the process for allocating this menu fund as inclusive, participatory, and expeditious as possible.

I ask that as many blocks as possible complete the following audit. Audits must be completed and returned to the 47th Ward Office by December 15, 2017. My staff will review the data from these audits along with data from the City’s 311 system and city departments to create a list of possible public projects for your area. This list will be added to our annual menu vote in January and everyone will have a chance to vote on which projects are most important to them.

While $1.32 million never goes as far as we would like, we want to know which priorities are most important to you and your neighbors. If we are not able to fund certain projects identified in 2018, they can still be considered the following year. I look forward to working together with all of you to ensure that our menu dollars are being spent where they are needed most.

Please complete this audit to the best of your ability. If you have questions, please call or email my office at 773-868-4747 or


Helpful Tips:
1. This audit should be completed by at least one individual familiar with the block being surveyed.
2. It can be helpful to complete this packet in small groups so several neighbors may contribute.
3. If circumstances on your block greatly change, please send us an email to let us know; pictures are helpful.
4. It is perfectly acceptable to submit more than one audit per block. The results for that block will simply be averaged together.