BISC survey to explore ideas for improvements and changes at Bader Hall.

Dear Participant: we are beginning the process of upgrading our student residence in Bader Hall. It is a long process, but begins with finding out what students want. This survey is aimed at assessing your perception as to the strengths and weaknesses of Bader Hall and facilities as they stand now, or when you were studying / living here, based on your understanding of what the next generations of students will expect as “standard” and what you would consider as additional facilities that would / could enhance the student experience at Bader Hall and the BISC.

It is important that you consider what the majority would expect and would use and to keep in mind the cost that may have an impact on what could be possible within constrained budgets of both administration and students!

Thank you.
Bruce Stanley, Executive Director

* 1. please rate which of these you see as extremely important to not of particular importance.

  Very important Important Quite important Not important N/A
The provision of a single en-suite bed room for all students
The provision of twin shared en-suite bed rooms at a lower charge
A mix of single en-suite rooms and standard budget single bedrooms ( shared washrooms ) within Bader Hall
Communal pods of 5 single bedrooms with kitchen & dining area and shared washroom.

* 2. The provision of a custom built communal area for students to be able to use at night.

* 3. At what time do you think this facility should close?

* 4. A provision of a coffee lounge available at night in Bader Hall – this would have to be self funding.

* 5. Do you think improved indoor sports facilities would enhance student experience?

* 6. What type of sports / activities would you like to see catered for?

* 7. Would you use a squash court?

* 8. Would an indoor swimming pool be an important asset?

* 9.
How important is a new learning centre with full IT provision and on line library provision, quiet study and break out areas next to Bader Hall, which would replace the current library in the Castle?

* 10. As additional provisions what type of study space would you like to see in Bader Hall

* 11. Student bedrooms - how do you rate the following as "necessities" for each room?

  Very important Quite important Just a luxury item Not important
Electric kettle
TV - licence fee of £125 would have to be paid
Individually decorated bedrooms
Telephone - additional charges would apply
Skype screens and connection
Wi Fi & hard wired computer port

* 12. Would you like individual floors for men and women?

* 13. Would you like an "alcohol free" floor - no alcohol in bedrooms or communal areas on that floor?

* 14. Would you like "themed" floors e.g. French speaking floor?

* 15. Would you be interested in an in house laundry that could launder your clothes at a commercial charge, as well as a coin operated launderette?

* 16. Do you have any other suggestions or comments?