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Presentations by startups (overall)
Evening presentation (overall)
Evening panel session (overall)
Leman Micro Devices (Medtech) Marc-Eric Jones, CEO
PB&B (Biotech), Anthony Aho, CEO
Arisgen (Biotech), Andrew Parker, CEO
Obexia (Biotech), Conrad Savoy, CEO
Nanolive (Biotech/Microscopy) Yann Cotte, CEO
SamanTree (Medtech/Microscopy) Davor Kosanic , CEO
Sophia Genetics (Biotech/ICT) Jurgi Camblong, CEO
OneDropDiagnostics (Medtech) Luc Gervais, CEO
Neurix (Biotech), Mathurin Baquie, CEO
Amal Therapeutics, (Biotech), Madiha Derouazi, CEO
Angelo De Rosa, Director, Strategy & Business Development at Medtronic
Benoît Dubuis, Director Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering
Frank Kumli, Ernst & Young Healthcare practice
Nicolas Durand, Founder at Abionic
Jean-Pierre Rosat, CEO at Aleva Neurotherapeutics
Jean-Marc Wismer, CEO Sensimed
Nikos Stergiopoulos, co-founder Endoart and Antlia
Vitali Verin , co-founder Endosense
Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, moderator
Nafida Bendali, Investor relations consultant
Claude Florin, organizer

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