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Section A: Personal Impact

Since June 1, 2022, provisions of Bill 96 have been enacted that could bring changes in several areas, including:
- Francization requirements for businesses
- The language designation of certain schools
- The language of education for children of temporary residents
- Communications with government bodies and professional orders
- Translation requirements for official documents
- Judicial and government job postings
- The bilingual status of municipalities

In the months ahead, more provisions of Bill 96 will take effect that could bring changes in other areas, including:

- Translation requirements for pleadings before a Quebec court
- The language of government communications (written and spoken) with the public
- The language of services to immigrants six months after their arrival in Quebec
- Translation requirements for judgments from Quebec courts
- French course requirements for English rightsholders enrolled in English-language CEGEPS
- Limits on enrollment rates for English-language CEGEPS 
For a more detailed timeline of when different sections of Bill 96 take effect, please click here

Question Title

* 1. Have you or a member of your immediate family been personally impacted by an element of Bill 96?

Please note: An impact could include changing plans for education, work, or place of residence; an unexpected financial burden; unexpected challenges related to education or employment; difficulties communicating with the Quebec government or accessing Quebec government services due to language barriers, or any other tangible impact that you or an immediate family member have experienced. It does not include increased feelings of concern or anxiety about Bill 96 or Quebec’s political landscape.

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