Whether you drive a car, ride a bike, use public transit or walk, both your feedback and safety matter to the City of Long Beach. Please share your experiences and background related to bicycling and road travel in Long Beach. It just takes five minutes!

This information will help the City to better understand the community's current knowledge and preferences to improve the safety and amenities of our streets.

Thank you for your participation.

* 1. What is your primary form of transportation, more than 50% of the time? (check one)

* 2. How often do you use a bicycle? (check one)

* 3. What are the reasons you choose to bicycle?
(rate 1 = not important to 3 = very important)

  1 Not Important 2 3 Very Important
For the enjoyment.
For the exercise.
For transportation to/from my job or school.
To get to/from transit.
For personal errands.
For the environment.
To save money on gas.
To save money on parking.

* 4. What affects your decision to not use a bicycle for a trip?
(rate 1 = not important to 3 = very important)

  1 Not Important 2 3 Very Important Don't Know
Lack physical ability or bike-riding skills.
Lack of enough striped bike lanes.
Poor road conditions.
Fear of traffic and road safety.
My job or school is too far away.
Negative behaviors from drivers.
Lack of secure bike parking.
Seems like more of a hassle than driving.
Fear for personal safety.

* 5. What would increase the chances of your riding a bicycle more often?
(rate 1 = not likely to 3 = very likely)

  1 Not Likely 2 3 Very Likely Don't Know
More striped bikeways. Click here for example.
More shared lane markings (sharrows). Click here for example.
More bicycle boulevards (bike routes parallel to major thoroughfares). Click here for example.
More separated bikeways (bike-only lanes). Click here for example.
More secure bicycle parking. Click here for example.
Environment where drivers share the road with bicyclists.
Environment where bicyclists ride predictably and follow the rules of the road.
Increased traffic enforcement for drivers and bicyclists who break the law.
Access to bike safety and training classes.

* 6. As a driver, bicyclists make me most nervous or upset when they:
(rate each choice)

  Strongly Agree Agree Not an Issue Not Applicable
Ride in the direction of oncoming traffic.
Ride in the opposite direction on a one-way street.
Ride in all directions unpredictably.
Fail to yield at stop signs.
Fail to stop at traffic lights.
Not visible at night: no headlights or reflectors.
Ride on the sidewalk in high-traffic, pedestrian areas.

* 7. As a bicyclist, drivers make me most nervous or upset when they: (rate each choice)

  Strongly Agree Agree Not an Issue Not Applicable
Fail to slow down for me when the road is narrow.
Fail to provide a safe distance when passing me on the road.
Use their car horn to communicate feelings instead of a warning of danger.
Open the driver's door without checking for oncoming bicyclists or motorists.
Distracted driving, texting or talking on cell phones.

* 8. Being visible is key to bicycling safely. In fact, it is required by law to equip your bicycle with a headlight, and side and rear reflectors for night riding. What best describes you? (check each item)

  Always Sometimes Never Not Applicable
I wear bright-colored clothes such as yellow, orange or lime green.
I use a headlight when biking at night.
My bike is equipped with side and rear reflectors.
I use hand signals before making turns or changing lanes.
I scan behind me to assess traffic conditions and make eye contact with drivers.

* 9. What best describes your bicycling skill level? (select one)

The following questions test the public's knowledge of bicycle rules and safe practices.

Please answer true, false or don't know.

* 10. You must register for a bicycle license in Long Beach. (check one)

* 11. Bicyclists should ride in the same direction as car traffic. (check one)

* 12. “Sharrows” are the directional arrows and bike symbols that are stenciled onto roads too narrow for a bike lane. Click here for example.

Sharrows communicate to drivers to share the roadway with bicyclists who need to be positioned outside of opening car doors. (check one)

* 13. "Sharrows" now exist on both directions of 2nd Street in Belmont Shore to help drivers and bicyclists share the right travel lane safely. (check one) Click here for example.

* 14. In Long Beach, it is illegal for bicycles to be ridden on the sidewalk in business districts such as 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, 4th Street Retro Row and Bixby Knolls. (check one)

* 15. Roadways are designed only for cars. Bicyclists should stay on the sidewalks or to the far right of the road at all times. (check one)

Thank you for your responses!

Answers to the true or false questions are located at the conclusion of this survey.

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* 16. Are you...?

* 17. Your age (check one)

* 18. Your home zip code: (fill in the blank with the 5-digit postal code)

* 19. You have my permission to contact me via email regarding Bike Long Beach programs and information:

* 20. Your email address: (fill in the blank)

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Thanks again for your time and participation!