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Everyone who walked the NJ2NY50 "The Big Walk" on May 20, 2017 regardless of the length of their walk, is entitled to a free "dog tag" inscribed with their name and accomplishment. Just fill in the following information to get your own tag. Actual Participants ONLY.

* 1. Enter the following information to receive a commemorative "dog tag" for participating in the NJ2NY50 "The Big Walk" on May 20, 2017. This information is only used to be able to send the medal to you. NOTE: The total length of your name, including spaces cannot be greater that 15 characters in length to fit on the dog tag.

* 2. What was the total number of miles you planned to walk and actually did walk? (# of miles walked is enscribed on your dog tag)

* 3. Where did you start walking from (choose the closest point)

* 4. Where did you finish your walk (choose closest point)

* 5. Did you experience any particular problem with the walk beyond ordinary issues? (i.e., got very lost, felt sick, bad blisters, ran out of food or water, issues with other hikers, map & route, poor information, etc.)

* 6. How would you rate the NJ2NY50 compared to other group walks or similar events?

  Poor Adequate Good Great
Physical Challenge
Social Community
Assistance Provided
Recommend to a Friend?

* 7. Enter your thoughts and comments as to how you enjoyed the experience. It helps us design a better event next time. (Your comments may be used in the website as feedback to others on your experience.)

* 8. Do you have any suggestions to make this event even better?

* 9. Are you planning on participating in the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge? (Your miles at this event count toward the total 100-mile challenge - )

* 10. We followed the East Coast Greenway trail for this walk. Which of the following would best describe your opinion about this trail association (you may select more than one choice):