Why would the R&D leader at a cosmetics company spend time with a car restoration specialist and a paint industry professional?

Why would an ER doctor at a top hospital spend time with a racing pit crew and an automotive assembly line manager?

Why would the founder of an AI startup spend time with a sitcom writer and playwright?

Because the most impactful, effective and innovative leaders understand that TRULY disruptive ideas and novel solutions are more likely to happen when they "go off the beaten path" and spend time with experts and thought-leaders from DIVERSE and UNEXPECTED fields...and then CONNECT-THE-DOTS between the information they gather and their own business objectives and priorities.

Unfortunately, most executives aren’t exploring OUTSIDE areas to find unique inspiration that will disrupt their business, because it's an unfamiliar (and uncomfortable) practice and they don’t have access to a time- and cost-efficient system/solution to make it happen.

That’s where we come in. At BigHeads Network, we strategically pair company leaders with members of our global network of DIVERSE thought-leaders (the BigHeads) so they can readily discover UNIQUE and UNEXPECTED insights, strategies, technologies and ideas that will dramatically influence their business…while building a personal skill-set that's absolutely necessary in this disruption economy.