Description and Qualifications

As a Bicycle Ambassador volunteer you will be attend a four-hour bicycle safety course taught by a League of American Bicyclists certified instructor on April 21, 2013. You will assist the Borough of State College in posting signage on illegally parked bikes during normal commutes; attend outreach events such as health or environmental fairs and Bike Month in May, and Borough sponsored community rides. You will also attend community events that request Bicycle Ambassadors to be present. You will provide immediate assistance to cyclists and help the community learn about bicycling safely in and around State College, including demonstrations, direct dialogue, and video presentations
You will work closely with Borough staff as well as the Centre Region Bicycle Coalition to promote bicycling in State College as safe, healthy, and fun.

Essential Qualifications
All applicants should meet the following qualifications:
• Have strong communication and collaboration skills, and be able to speak in front of groups of people of all ages and backgrounds
• Own a working bicycle and helmet and should have some experience bicycling in and around the State College Area, particularly in areas with traffic.
• Be enthusiastic, interested in community building, and dedicated to the national service movement.
• Be able to attend events during summer months in State College, preferably capable of biking to them.
• Having prior bicycle safety training is a bonus, but not required.

Each Ambassador will attend a League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 course as part of the program. The class will be taught by a League-certified instructor through the Penn State Health Matters Program. The class will consist of an online classroom portion and four hour on road training on January 20, 2013.