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You heard about our focus group, but you don't have time to participate in person. That's OK because you can answer the questions below. The answers you provide will help us tremendously with future programs and marketing campaigns.

This survey should take 5 minutes to complete. However, please take all the time you need to complete it.

Thank you again for your time. If you have questions, please contact Kristy Carter, Board Member, at 501.428.6382 or or visit:

* 1. How did you learn Bethlehem House?

* 2. What distinguishes Bethlehem House from local nonprofit organizations?

* 3. What makes you feel good about your financial support?

* 4. Which other organizations do you support? Why? How does Bethlehem House rank in priority with them relative to the amounts you give?

* 5. How would you describe Bethlehem House to a friend, family member, or colleague?

* 6. Did you respond to a particular fundraising campaign? If so, was there a particular reason you responded to that campaign?

* 7. What would prevent you from supporting an organization or would cause you to withdraw support?

* 8. What is the most effective way to promote our program to your generation?

* 9. How likely are you to give to Bethlehem House?

* 10. What other comments, advice or questions do you have?

* 11. Which best describes your age group?

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