Official Nominations for "The Best of Manhattan" 2017!

Type your nominations in the text boxes. Nominees must be Manhattan Beach businesses or residents, except for the "Making A Difference" award. Ceremony honoring awardees will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Mark your calendars!

Nominations take place from August 14 - September 1. 
Final voting will take place from September 11 - 29.

* 1. Your nominee for "All-Around Best of Manhattan" award:

The very best of business in Manhattan Beach that has a major presence, remarkable profitability and stability, excels in quality customer/client service and is a leader in employment creation. The recipient also exemplifies excellent corporate citizenship in giving back to the communities in which it operates and enhances the lives of its employees.

* 2. Your nominee for the "Small and Mighty" award:

Recognizes a small Manhattan Beach business for their quality customer/client service, ethical business practices, community involvement and the special flair they bring to the Community.

* 3. Your nominee for the "Shop MB" award:

Recognizes an open to shop, front retail sales business that demonstrates outstanding customer service and satisfaction in all aspects of their work.

* 4. Your nominee for the "Dine MB" award:

Recognizes a favorite culinary experience in Manhattan Beach.

* 5. Your nominee for the "Home Sweet Home" award:

Recognizes an individual within the real estate, wealth management or mortgage profession who promotes excellence in service and ethics while providing quality assistance to their clients in Manhattan Beach.

* 6. Your nominee for the "Making a Difference" award:

Recognizes a non-profit organization for its extraordinary impact on the community, and the dedication of its volunteers. Non-profits from Manhattan Beach and surrounding cities may be nominated.

* 7. Your nominee for the "Healthy Living" award:

Recognizes an individual, business or organization in Manhattan Beach that dedicates time and energy towards helping others enjoy a healthy, active life.

* 8. Your nominee for the "Woman-Owned Business" Award:

Recognizes an outstanding Manhattan Beach woman-owned business which is not part of a regional, national or global franchise, independently-owned and operated/controlled by a female or females. The enterprise must be at least 51-percent owned by one or more women and its management and daily business operations must be controlled by one or more women.

* 9. Outstanding Recognition Awards:

1. Man's Best Friend: honors an individual, business or organization who exemplifies extraordinary care of animals and is dedicated to their welfare.

2. Best Cocktail: recognizes the best specialty cocktail served in a Manhattan Beach-based restaurant, bar or other type of eatery.

3. Legendary MB: recognizes a long-standing (25 years or more) business that has dedicated itself to the community of Manhattan Beach.

4. Hidden Gem: honors an individual, business or organization whose significant but quiet contributions to the community of Manhattan Beach may escape recognition.

5. Kids Matter Too: recognizes a business or organization that provides outstanding programs for children.

6. Home Away from Home: recognizes a Manhattan Beach-based hotel or motel that delivers an exceptional level of service and facilities. 

7. Make Me Beautiful: recognizes an individual or business that strives to make their customers look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Write your nominee for each award with the corresponding number or award title below (e.g. Man's Best Friend - Fido's Dog Walking; Kids Matter Too - Mickey's Mouse Club):