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Welcome to the 7th Annual Best of Downtowner Awards!

So much has changed across the Triangle during the last year and not just in the busy downtowns of Raleigh and Durham. North Hills is growing by leaps and bounds, and downtown Wake Forest, Apex, and Cary have all seen their share of new businesses, restaurants, and pedestrian traffic. The Triangle is now considered the hottest foodie area in the State and our growth as a region is one of the highest in the country. We’re excited about what 2017 will have in store for us, but first, let’s check out your favorites for the past year in our 7th Annual Best of Downtowner Awards!

When you vote in this year’s Best of Downtowner Awards, we’ll share your favorites with our 180,000 monthly Downtowner readers, who will most definitely appreciate your suggestions in finding new restaurants, an awesome slice of pizza, the most amazing sushi in town, the best place to fix up their pearly whites, or even a great caterer for an upcoming event. The sum of your votes help promote all the great places to dine, drink, shop, and visit throughout the Triangle.

In this year’s Best of Downtowner Awards, we’ve included the standard categories you expect to see each year, including who has the friendliest staff, best BBQ, best wine list, and best place to go dancing. We’ve also added a few new ones like favorite brewery bar, local tailor, and best locally-made liquor. And we heard your pleas for fewer categories, so we deleted a LOT for this year to help make voting quick and easy. We don’t hold the Best Of Downtowner Awards to make money selling “Thank You For Voting For Us” ads to car dealerships or banks, so you won’t see all the extraneous categories that appear in other publications’ Best Of lists. The Downtowner Awards are about you – our readers – and about promoting local. We love living and working here and we truly enjoy showing why.

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