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As a community, we need to work together to keep sound at desirable levels.  Some of your music may travel beyond our perimeter and into the neighboring community. Therefore, we must limit sounds to reasonable hours and specific decibels throughout the event.  Our Black Rock Rangers (BRR) and Sound Squad (SS) will be monitoring and working with camps and art cars throughout the event.  Please protect the safety and success of BEquinox by complying with all sound rules.

The following rules make up our basic sound policy:

~ All large scale sound equipment must be registered prior to the event as a theme camp, art installation or art car.

~ A maximum power amplification of 300 watts is permitted, producing sound amplification not to exceed 70 decibels, when measured at 20 feet from the source.

~ Bass travels… therefore all sub-woofers are to be turned off during these hours:

● Thurs Mar 17 – off at 10:00pm and can be turned back on at 10:00 am on Fri Mar 18th.

● Fri Mar 18 – off at 10:00pm and can be turned back on at 10:00 am on Sat Mar 19th.

● Sat Mar 19th – off at 10:00 pm and can be turned back on at 10:00 am on Sun Mar 20th.

You must be off premise by 2pm on Sunday March 20th.

All other sound equipment during these hours must remain below 70db at 20 feet. These levels are subject to change as directed by the BRR or SS.

~ If you are bringing musical instruments, please be respectful of your neighbors.

~ Neighbors should talk to one another when sound becomes problem and try to resolve the issue through direct communication.

~ The BRR may ask you to turn your volume down, or completely off.  Please honor these requests.

With these actions you should be able to handle all of your own sound issues and there will be no need for the  BRR or SS get involved.

Decibel levels are indicated as a guideline, since the event is being held on private property sound levels may have to be adjusted… most likely down…  on the fly to be considerate of neighbors, the surrounding community and other theme camps. The Sound Squad and Rangers will be using a professional dB meter for accuracy and will be enforcing that meter reading.


All dB levels refer to maximum potential DBA.

The important thing here is the impact of the sound itself. The numbers (dB) are guidelines  and the measurement your sound is having.

Please consider:

1) Bigger is not necessarily better. A well engineered and well tuned sound system can create a high quality experience for those nearby without blasting out others.

2) Point your speakers inward and downward so your sound is directed on those in your camp and minimizing how far the sound travels.

3) We may ask you point them in a specific direction so as to avoid off-site sound spill.

4) Any complaints about excessive sound will be addressed to the Sound Squad and if not resolved with persisting complaints will become the concern of the BRR.

Concerns about excessive sound can result in:

a) Volume check and mediation between camps.

b) Volume check and a final warning on complaints.

c) The disabling of sound equipment entirely.

d) Failure to comply with volume requests will be grounds for removal from the event.

Sound Complaints:

If you believe your neighbor's sound is too loud and you are not able to effectively negotiate a solution, you may report this to a SS Member or to a BRR.

 A sound complaint should contain:

● The exact SOURCE of the sound.

● The exact TIME of the disturbance.   Please report problems when they happen, although reports filed the next day can be useful with persistent problem camps.

We will not take action on issues of taste, content, or what is art.



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