1. About the Survey

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The object of this survey is to sample paddling participants attitudes about river access in the UK. It also sets out to measure how effective paddlers think the BCU is at promoting access and what steps both current members and non-members would be prepared to take to improve matters.

The survey has not been organised or sponsored by the BCU but is an effort by grass roots paddlers to document opinions of the broad mass of participants. The results will be anonymised and fed back to the BCU for their information and comments and will be widely publicised on UK paddling websites. You will also be given the opportunity to optionally leave your e-mail address at the end of the survey and be sent a copy of the results personally. If you do so, your personal information will obviously only be used for the purposes you have authorised and will not under any circumstances be included in the results data.

You do not need to be a BCU member to contribute to this survey. If you are an active paddler on UK inland waters then your ability to go paddling may well be impacted by the apparent changing stance on access negotiation within Canoe England and you need to make your opinion count on this important issue.

1. Are you a current active paddler in the UK? (by this we mean, do you currently paddle a kayak, canoe, SoT, SUP etc on inland water in the UK several times a year)