Every Member must uphold the BC Rugby Constitution and must comply with these Bylaws and BC Rugby Code of Conduct.

In accordance with BC Rugby’s Bylaws, this Code of Conduct applies to any Member of BC Rugby and any Director or Officer of BC Rugby. Additionally, it applies to all Individuals’ conduct during or involvement with BC Rugby business, teams, programs, competitions, events and activities. Any Individual who violates this Code may be subject to discipline in accordance with BC Rugby’s Bylaws, Section 12.

Delegate Voting Members and Affiliate Members must submit to BC Rugby annually:
(a) a copy of the annual report filed by the Member with the relevant regulatory authority, which submission is to include:
(i) confirmation of the names of the persons holding office as directors or officers of the organization;
(ii) any changes to the Member’s constitution and/or bylaws;
(B) if requested by BC Rugby, a declaration of adherence to any BC Rugby policies applicable to the Member.

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