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If the cost of your PD is over the amount of 6000 RMB this will effect you the most as 80% of your allocated budget will be spent on yourself and the other 20% will be put towards paying tax.
A box has been added for you to include the 20% tax if you need to pay it

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If you choose option 2 you need to contact Fiona Diao fiona.diao@bcis.cn in finance to find out exactly how much tax needs to be paid before completing the application form

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* Sharing: A requirement of the school’s support will be that on you return you share learning with staff at BCIS. How do you envisage sharing the knowledge / information / resources you acquire?

* Support: Please state the financial assistance you are requesting in order for you to pursue this interest? • Please be aware that the PD committee maximum funding support is RMB 6000. 

* Prior PD information: Please use the table below to list any in-house or external relevant PD you have attended in the past 3 years. Note: Information can be cut and pasted from server directly into this digital application form
(e.g. PD record, professional goals)