The Bay Township Planning Commission is continually examining its planning and zoning goals and policies and would like community input. Your feedback is instrumental in helping the Township update its zoning ordinance to better reflect the needs and desires of all residents. Results from this survey will also help identify future land use practices and prioritize Township services. Please complete this survey by March 16, 2018. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

* 1. How would you rate your satisfaction with the following public services?

  Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Don't Know
Emergency Medical Services
Fire Protection
Law Enforcement
Zoning Enforcement
Road Maintenance
High Speed Internet
Trash Collection
Boyne District Library
Township Cemeteries 

* 2. Please rate how much of a problem, if at all, each of the following are in the Township:

  Not an Issue Minor Issue Moderate Issue Major Issue
Zoning Enforcement
Street/Road Conditions
Smoke from Outdoor Wood Furnaces 
Nuisance from Vacation Rentals

* 3. Please expand on any items you identified as an issue in Question #2.

* 4. Please select the one statement below that most closely matches your views on growth and development in the Township. “I would prefer the Township to . . .” (Please choose only one)

* 5. How important are the following in Bay Township?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Neutral Somewhat Unimportant Very Unimportant
Rural Environment
Water Quality
Access to Trails
Access to Recreational Amenities
Dark night sky

* 6. Rate each of the following issues as a priority for regulation in the Township.

  Not a Priority Low Priority Moderate Priority High Priority Don't Know / No Opinion
Waterfront Greenbelts or other Shoreline Protections for Water Quality
Septic System Inspection at Time of Transfer to Protect Water Quality
Short Term Rentals

* 7. Should Bay Township partner with conservancies and others to protect farmland and other important natural features?

* 8. Would you support an increased Township millage to repair and upgrade roads in the Township?

* 9. Would you support an increased Township millage to support fire and ambulance services in the Township?

* 10. Would you be supportive of non-motorized trails and expanded recreational opportunities for Township residents?

* 11. If you answered yes to Question #10, would you be willing to support these expanded facilities through a Township millage?

* 12. What type of housing (if any) does Bay Township need more of? Please check all that apply

* 13. What is one word you would use to describe Bay Township to someone planning a visit?

* 14. How long have you lived in Bay Township?

* 15. Please classify your residency in Bay Township

* 16. Which best describes your property in Bay Township?

* 17. How many children age 17 or younger live in your household?

* 18. Please indicate the zip code where you work (if applicable)

* 19. What category is your age?

* 20. Please feel free to comment below regarding any concerns or suggestions you may have that were not addressed in the survey.

Thank you for completing this survey! If you would like to get more involved in the Township, please visit the Bay Township Website at