If you went scalloping multiple times this year, please fill out a separate survey for every trip that you collected scallops.

* 1. How did you find out about this survey:

* 2. Is this the first time you have ever taken this survey?

* 3. 3. Did you collect your scallops on a charter vessel?

* 4. Did you purchase a fishing license for the sole purpose of scalloping?

* 5. Date Collected


* 6. County collected from:

* 7. Residence county:

* 8. Number of Collectors-Snorkelers

* 9. Total number of scallops collected

* 10. Total volume of scallops collected

* 11. What time did you leave from the ramp or marina to go scalloping?


* 12. What time did you return to the ramp?


* 13. Total time spent collecting

* 14. Ramp(s) or Marina used:

* 15. If you would like to receive additional information about Bay Scallop management, please provide your name and an email address

Questions/Comments: BayScallops@MyFwc.com