* 1. What types of networks do you administer?

* 2. How many routing and switching devices do you administer?

* 3. Select your top [up to] three routing/switching device vendors:

* 4. How do you create and update configurations today?

* 5. What fraction of network incidents are a result of configuration errors (as opposed to say hardware or link failures, or router software bugs)?

* 6. What is the most common impact of configuration errors?

* 7. How do you check your configurations today (Choose all that apply)?

* 8. How often do you make changes to your configurations (select closest answer)?

* 9. What kinds of changes are most typically made (Choose at most three)?

* 10. What type of configuration errors pop up in practice? Please briefly describe (a sentence or two) the nature of up to three common problems you encounter:

* 11. How do you debug network incidents today? Please briefly describe (a sentence or two) the workflows for handling up to three common incident types:

* 12. Which capabilities would you find useful for a configuration analysis tool (Select all that apply)?

* 13. How frequently do you foresee using a tool with the capabilities you selected?

* 14. What additional type of validation would you like to have?

* 15. Optionally, please provide your name and email address. We will not share this information with anyone, and will only use it to contact you if we need clarification of your responses to this survey.

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