Residents and Business Owners:

Please answer the following community development questions with your honest opinions. Thank you for your support of the Town’s planning efforts.

* 1. I am a:

* 2. Rate the below items:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Overall quality of living in Bar Nunn
Water system pressure and reliability
Water quality
Sewer services
Trash services
Sidewalks and bike paths
Parks and recreation facilities
Recreational opportunities
Bar Nunn School
Fire department/emergency services
Law enforcement
Natural gas service
Electrical service
Retail services within Bar Nunn
Town Government communication with residents and businesses
Town Government responsiveness to your requests for assistance
Zoning issues
Code enforcement issues (nuisances, weeds, trash, etc.)
Overall appearance and aesthetics of the Town
Animal control
Telephone and internet access in Town
Utilities (gas, power, phone) adequate/affordable

* 3. Respond "Yes" or "No" to the below questions.

  Yes No
Should the Town continue to grow through residential development?
Should the Town recruit new retail and service businesses?
Should the Town recruit new industry?
Should the Town own its water system?
Is access to Bar Nunn adequate?
Do you participate in recycling?

* 4. Please list the best things about living in Bar Nunn.

* 5. What needs to be improved in Bar Nunn?

* 6. What kind of recreational facilities would you like to see in Bar Nunn?

* 7. What kind of business or services would you like to see in Bar Nunn?