* 1. Did you know that when you give birth, your umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and placental tissue contain valuable stem cells capable of providing healing therapies for your child and others? 

* 2. Did you know that you could pay to bank these stem cells, and save them only for your child for a future therapy, should the need arise?

* 3. Have you ever chosen to, or considered storing your child’s stem cells from your umbilical cord blood, or umbilical cord tissue for treating potential future illness?

* 4. Would you (or did you already) consult your doctor before you made a stem cell storage decision?

* 5. If you have not, or would not consider private stem cell storage, why?

* 6. Do you believe that it is of value to store your child’s stem cells today, so they may be available for advancements of medical therapies available today and in the future?

* 7. Did you know that your amnion placental tissue also contains stem cells of two varieties, Mesenchymal and Epithelial that are capable of providing different medical therapies than cord blood stem cells?

* 8. If you would chose private stem cell storage for your child’s stem cells and agree to pay the annual fee, would you also consider donating some samples to a public bank to help others, if you had enough samples to do both?

* 9. If you were told that a new stem cell storage service was available to store your amnion placental tissue, that has Mesenchymal and Epithelial stem cells; and you gain multiple samples to allow you to keep both private samples for your child and donate samples to a public bank for matched therapies for others, including other family members, would you consider purchasing this service.?

* 10. Are you pregnant, or plan to give birth in the next 5 years? (for husbands also that can answer yes)

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