Here's where you RSVP for the Banks Lake Bugaloo!! 

Read this first and then on the next page you get to start checking boxes and stuff.

Who: You and retail staff from all over the Northwest plus up to one guest per staffer.

What: A chance to learn about, play with and win all sorts of great gear from your favorite brands and your favorite reps. 

When: September 10th-13th.

Where: Steamboat Rock State Park on the sunny granite lined shores of Banks Lake, WA. Our campsite is in the Jones Bay loop just east of the main campground about halfway between Steamboat and Electric City. Look for the snazzy windjammer brand flags. 

We’ll have Marmot tents for all.

We’ll cover food and your first 2-3 "evening beverages". 

Bring your own sleeping pad and bag.

Cost- $10 per person for the first night, $5 each additional night ($20 for the whole event).

            Free for first time staff attendees! Invite the rookies!

            Guests are $10 per night because we like staff better.