Fairfax County has created a draft set of Urban Design Guidelines for Baileys Crossroads and Seven Corners. You will need to read these Guidelines before you take the survey.
These Guidelines build upon the design concepts for future improvements to public spaces and “streetscape” (streetscape refers to the sidewalks and landscaped areas adjacent to the roadway) contained in the adopted Comprehensive Plan and provide suggestions for implementation of the various urban design elements. We would appreciate your review of the draft Guidelines and your ideas and feedback on the recommendations contained within the document. We will be using the results from this survey to improve the Guidelines before they are finalized.

Your responses will be kept confidential. No contact information will be requested. We encourage you to share the survey link with your neighbors, friends, and family members living or working in or near Bailey’s Crossroads and Seven Corners.

This survey will close at the end of day on Friday, Jan. 19. 2018.