THRILL OF HOPE Advent Series for 2018

Our series will launch on the first Sunday of Advent, December 2nd.  You can sign-up below to…

…receive daily emails with the Scripture readings
…join a Table group
…receive an Advent devotional book
…receive a special Kids Advent devotional book.


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* 1. NAME:

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* 2. I would like to sign-up to receive the daily email, containing Scripture Readings for each day of Advent.

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* 3. I would like to receive a "Thrill of Hope" Adult Devotional Book.  (Suggested donation:  $5)

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* 4. I would like to receive a "Thrill of Hope" Children's Book.  (Suggested Donation:  $5.

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* 5. "Table Groups" will meet in December (once a week for 3 weeks) to eat together, pray together, and share from the Scripture and Devotionals.  Would you like to be placed in a Table Group?

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* 6. If you said "Yes" to being placed in a Table Group, do you have a request for who is in your Table Group, or a location or time of the week for the Table Group? (See below for updated Table Group Information.)

TABLE SMALL GROUP UPDATE (as of 11/11/18).  Check back... more could be added!

Sunday 11am Table Groups
  • Mosaics - College & Career Aged/Bambi Steelman
  • Latino/Angelina Jones & John Sandoval
  • Senior Adults/Charles Deisroth
  • Adults of All Ages/Maxine Bowers & Marie Charles

During the Week Table Groups - (locations and time of the week TBA)
  • Mike & Lara Murphy
  • Jim & Sherri Cochran/Jeff & Wendy Reed
  • Gregg & Dodi Alsbrooks
  • Chris & Brenna Grieco
  • James & Tracie Moots
  • Noah & Linda Tharp
  • Kent & Denise Jordan