1. Introduction

Bridge2Rwanda Scholars 2018 Application
Welcome to the Bridge2Rwanda (B2R) Class 8 official application process.  Our mission is to identify Rwanda’s most promising students, prepare them for the responsibility of leadership, equip them with a global education, and fuse them into a powerful fellowship that will transform Africa.

The following information will help you understand our program better before submitting your application.  Please read carefully.
  • The Scholars Program is designed to help Scholars prepare for development and employment in Rwanda by improving their English skills, preparing for university rigor, and applying to international universities.
  • This is a 16-month program beginning in March 2018 and ending in June 2019.
  • This is a residential program, and all B2R Scholars live together in a dormitory for the first 12 months of the program.
  • All Scholars are required to return to Africa for at least 5 years for a career after receiving their undergraduate degree from a university.
  • The Scholars Program does not guarantee a university scholarship – all results of university acceptance and scholarship offers depend entirely on the performance of the Scholar.
If you understand and are in agreement with these statements, we invite you to complete the following application. 
Note: Please make sure your phone number and email address work well before starting this application. 

20% of survey complete.