1. DMA Business-to-Business Marketer of the Year Criteria

The DMA Business-to-Business Marketer of the Year Award is selected from among your nominations* and the subsequent vote of the nominating committee made up of previous winners and council members.

The individual must meet the following criteria:
• Recognized achievement - Consider what this individual has contributed to business-to-business marketing and its development as a marketing practice
• Leadership and contribution to the growth of their company
• Innovative approaches to delivering successful results. Describe the individual’s innovations and creative thinking related to business-to-business marketing.
• Always displays best practices and ethical business policies
• Shares knowledge and methodology to next generation and industry colleagues through educational forums

*Nominee must be from a DMA Member Company.

Please complete this form by July 27, 2012.

Award will be presented at a special event at DMA12, Oct. 15, in Las Vegas, NV.

* 1. I nominate this individual for the DMA B2B Marketer of the Year award:

* 2. Write a brief summary statement as to why this individual should receive this award:

* 3. Based on the above mentioned criteria, I wish to nominate this individual for the following reasons: (Please evaluate the individual according to one or more of the following:)

* 4. Business Impact:
How has the nominee helped to drive business results within their own business and industry? Please provide up to three examples.

* 5. My name and contact information:

* 6. Would you be interested in serving on the B2B Advisory Committee or finding out more? Please include your email address so we can contact you to discuss. Thank you.

* 7. Please suggest some topics for sessions. What marketing challenges do you face in your business? Or do you have a case study or instructional topic you would like to share? Please include an email address so we can connect with you.