* 1. when you execute this following CLI what will be the result
az vmss scale -g resourcegroupname -n scalesetname --new-capacity 10

* 2. A scale set supports up to 1,000 VM  of Azure marketplace and 300 Custom

* 3. What is the impact of vCPU quota in a given region

* 4. How will you find the vCPU Quota

* 5. What is the range of custom images you can create with VM Scale sets

* 6. what is the order of removal of  Virtual machines removal from the scale set
that is spread evenly across update domains and fault domains.

* 7. When you are auto-scaling VMs. Do VM gets distributed across the fault and
update domains.

* 8. Can you include Data Disk as part of VM Scaleset

* 9. Does VM Scale sets support Disk Encryption?

* 10. If a scale set property called singlePlacementGroup=False what will
be the impact when you scale.

* 11. Does scale sets overprovision servers.

* 12. Do customers get charged for overprovisioned VM