If you are familiar with hybrid clouds and are interested in shaping the future of Microsoft Azure Stack by interfacing with the Azure Stack engineering team - this meetup is for you! The event will take place on Tuesday 26th September in the evening at a hotel location near the event center. An email invite detailing the exact details will be sent closer to the event.

This free by invite only meetup has limited capacity so sign up now to book your place.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Please select the relevant job description(s) that apply to your role:

* 3. Cloud (i.e. private, hybrid or public) readiness:

* 4. In which industry is your organization?

* 5. To receive an invite it is a pre-requisite that you have successfully deployed the Azure Stack Development Kit . By Ignite will you have completed a successful deployment? (There will be a test!!)

* 6. This event will provide you the ability to get answers to the key questions you may have about Azure Stack. Please detail below what subjects you are most interested in discussing:

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