* 1. What is the purpose of the Network security group

* 2. Review the screen shot attached and select the answer appropriately.
 Based on your understanding of the NSG , who created these inbound and 
outbound rules.

* 3. In the given rule set which rule will be applied first 

* 4. Your customer wants to delete the default rules.  What will be the impact when you delete the default rules.

* 5. Your customers want to all allow ICMP (East-West traffic only) which option
they should select to allow ICMP traffic (east - west) All traffic

* 6. You customer is hosting number of Windows VM , they want to ensure all the  licensing, a request is sent to the Key Management Service host servers that handle such queries. Which port will be used for outbound traffic.

* 7. Which default rule  is responsible for allowing ICMP traffic to flow through the VNET  

* 8. You customer has deployed  VPN gateway in a sub net and applied very detailed NSG rules. They are planning to do cross-VNET connectivity. What will be your best practice advise the customer.

* 9. You are working for large retail chain and the security team wants to block
out If you block the ip address what will be impact on infrastructure services such as DHCP, DNS,.

* 10. Your customer wants to white list all the storage account in East US region. 
Which of the following approaches you will recommend to your customer.