2017 AYCO Festival Youth Artists Showcase Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2017 AYCO Festival Showcases.

The American Youth Circus Organization will be featuring Youth Artists in two performances at our biannual festival this summer.

Hosted by: Trenton Circus Squad
Trenton, NJ August 16th-20th
Performances August 17th and 18th

If you would like to submit multiple acts you must fill out a separate application for each act.

Please email Showcase Director Polly Solomon with any questions about the Showcase Guidelines, performances, or application process at ps.aerial.arts@gmail.com

If you are interested in participating in the shows as a host/master of ceremony or as a clown, do not fill out this application. Please contact ps.aerial.arts@gmail.com directly.

Visit the Showcase Guidelines and FAQ here

* 1. Please make sure you have read the Showcase Participant Guidelines prior to submitting your application. 
View the guidelines

* 2. Your contact information:

* 3. What is the name of your act?

* 4. The person submitting the application is:

* 5. I am applying as

* 6. If Organizational, what is the name of the organization you are representing? Type N/A if not organizational

* 7. If Unaffiliated, please select the most relevant answer below to help us understand where your circus training comes from. If you are organizational select N/A

* 8. Names AND AGES as you would like them to appear in a program. For example, Adam Smith, 15:

* 9. Disciplines included in your act (e.g. juggling, aerial, etc.) List all disciplines if it is a mixed act:

* 10. Description of act (be as specific as you can):

* 11. If you are submitting an aerial act please describe your rigging needs in as much detail as possible so that we can figure out if it is possible to rig your act in the venue. If you are not submitting an aerial act, type N/A

* 12. Length of act in minutes:

* 13. What do you need to perform your act:

* 14. What type of music/sound will you be using for the act?

* 15. Please type the song title and name of the artist for your musical selection. If you are not using music, type N/A

* 16. Will you be requiring sound amplification (microphones)?

* 17. Does your act have any specific lighting needs? Please note that we may not be able to accommodate lighting requests, but we will try.

* 18. Link to video of your act. Please note, all acts MUST submit a video of their act by the submission deadline to be considered. If you can not meet this deadline, you must notify us and list your phone number below so we can call you to discuss the act.

* 19. Technical Rehearsal is a rehearsal that focuses on the technological aspects of the performance such as lights, sound, rigging, safety, and spacing. Performers may choose to wear their costumes for the technical rehearsal, which is encouraged but not required. THERE WILL NOT BE A DRESS REHEARSAL. The time allotted for each act to prepare in the venue will be limited.

Please be aware that you MAY NOT have the opportunity to do a full dress rehearsal in the space (run through the act in full with light, sound, and costume).

We understand that youth performers have varying levels of experience performing in a professional setting and want to be transparent about our time limitations in the space and offer the opportunity for you to share any concerns or special needs you may have. Please check the box below to tell us you are aware of the fact that performers are only guaranteed a technical rehearsal prior to performing. Use the comment box to share any special needs with us regarding this rehearsal and/or the youth performers applying.

The priority here is safety within our time constraints and we ask you to be honest about any anticipated special needs in advance so that we can try and accommodate you. Otherwise we will assume that you are comfortable with the above.

* 20. Your well being is our number one priority. Please note that AYCO guidelines require certain safety procedures be followed with specific types of acts. All performers under 18 must have a coach, parent, or guardian with them that knows their act and can be responsible for the young person's health and safety. All aerial performers must have a spotter that knows their act on stage and must work over landing mats.

We will contact you should there be any safety concerns and work with you to make sure you meet festival requirements. Please check below to tell us you understand the safety policy. Add any comments in the text box.

* 21. All acts with performers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone (a coach or guardian) who knows the act that will be performed and who can advocate and look out for the health and safety of the performer. In the case of aerial acts, this person must be able to serve as a spotter. Please enter the name of the person who will chaperone this act. This person CAN NOT be part of the "Chaperone Assistance" program.  They MUST be present while the piece is participating in its technical rehearsal (we will work with you to schedule it), while performers are preparing backstage, and while performers are on stage.   If participants are over 18 type N/A

Once you click the "Done" button below you will have submitted your application. After you do this you will see a general thank you page from Survey Monkey that says "thank you for submitting this survey". You will NOT receive a confirmation email. If you think you may not have submitted correctly, have any questions about the application process, or need information about the status of your application email ps.aerial.arts@gmail.com for confirmation.

We look forward to reading your application and will be in contact with you once act selections have been made.

Please click "Done" to complete your application.