The SpaceNews Annual Awards for Excellence honor excellence and innovation among space professionals, companies, programs and organizations. 

We aim to recognize both the unsung heroes and well-known luminaries of the global space industry. 
We are seeking nominees for the following awards:

Company of the Year
  • Company of the Year will be selected for three categories: Launch, Satellite and Ground Systems.
Corporate Leader of the Year
  • Courage, leadership and vision are important, but so is blind luck. This award recognizes corporate leaders for significant contributions to their companies and the broader space community.
Government Leader of the Year
  • This award recognizes government leaders for significant contributions to their organizations and the broader space community. 
Unsung Hero of the Year
  • Why should the boss get all the credit? The Unsung Hero award honors remarkable contributions from those operating behind the scenes or outside the limelight. Nominee can be a group or individual.
Startup of the Year
  • This award recognizes new ventures for early successes and their potential to shake up their segment of the space industry.
  • To be nominated, a company must have been incorporated within the last five years.
Turnaround of the Year
  • This award recognizes companies that have executed a successful business turnaround within the past two years.
  • Nominations should state the difficulty the company was facing, the actions taken to improve its situation, and the outcomes achieved as a result.
Breakthrough of the Year
  • This award recognizes the business and technology breakthroughs with the potential to alter the space landscape. 
Deal of the Year
  • Whether wooing private capital or closing big sales, deals make the space world go round. What was this year's most important deal?

* 1. Nominee's name

* 2. For which award AWARD should this nominee be considered? (please select only one)

* 3. Why should your NOMINEE win this award (max. 250 words)

* 4. Your Name and Contact Information (We may wish to contact you for more information about your nominee)