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Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on a candidate for the AVTE Fellows designation. Your feedback will be confidential and vital to the AVTE Fellows Committee's work in assessing their application for this recognition.

Earning the AVTE Fellows designation is an impactful step for a veterinary technician educator to demonstrate their place as a committed part of our community. Through their actions, those who earn the designation will have shown their commitment to leadership, mentorship, and innovation within veterinary medicine, growing the next generation of veterinary technicians.

As part of their application, candidates must:

  • Earn a minimum score through self-study in three core areas: leadership, mentorship, and innovation.
  • Provide references from two colleagues that attest to their commitment to our field
  • Commit to uphold the AVTE Fellows code of conduct.

This first page of the reference form will ask you for some basic information about the candidate who has asked for your support. The second page asks for your reference, shared in a narrative format.

Your participation in this process is critical to its success and to the growth of veterinary technician education. For that, you have our thanks.

Jennifer Serling - President
Tara Groves - Fellows Committee Chair

Please note that you will not receive a follow-up reminder to share your feedback. We would appreciate it if you would complete your reference within two weeks of receiving our request.

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