Letter to member credit unions from the 2020 AVCU Nominating Committee

The Association’s 2020 Nominating Committee is seeking qualified persons to be considered for possible nomination for election to the Board of Directors.

Each member of the Association’s Board of Directors is responsible for representing all of the Association’s members and helping set the general direction of the organization. Directors must maintain the best interests of the Association as well as its member credit unions in performing their duties, and exercise the highest levels of professionalism and objectivity.

The Association’s bylaws (Art. 6, sec. 6.4) govern who is eligible to serve on the board as follows:

“To be eligible for election as a director, a person must be:

1.      an employee with senior management responsibilities;
2.      an elected director; or
3.      an elected committee member;

of an affiliated credit union in good standing. No member credit union shall be entitled to more than one director, except that if a director holds qualifications from more than one member credit union, he/she shall nevertheless be entitled to serve as a director if he/she fills the above qualifications and if the credit union from which he/she is elected is not represented on the board of directors.”

Three seats expire at the 2020 73rd Annual Meeting on May 16th and will be filled by candidates elected for three-year terms.

Documentation for persons interested in being considered for possible nomination by the Committee should be submitted by an authorized representative of the person’s credit union, which must be a member in good standing with the Association.  Submissions to the Committee, along with any related supporting information, are made by completing this form. Cite the person's qualifications and include as much relevant background as possible.

All submissions must be completed online no later than March 20, 2020. The Committee may make its selections from individuals submitted, as well as others. Submission of any individuals to the Committee does not automatically insure nomination by the Committee.

More information about director responsibilities and the election timeline is available at http://vermontcreditunions.coop/special-events/annual-meeting-convention/. Questions about candidate qualifications or the nomination process can be directed to the Committee Chair at elections@vermontcreditunions.coop.

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* 1. Candidate's Name:

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* 3. Candidate's Contact information:

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* 4. Current employment:

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* 5. Credit union related experiences:
Please elaborate on any employment and volunteer positions you've held in any credit union or industry-related organization (leagues, other organizations, etc.). For each position listed, please provide the name of the organization and the approximate dates you held the position.

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* 6. Community involvement & other associations:
List any other types of activities, positions or memberships held (currently or in the past) in community, charitable or other types of organizations.

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* 7. Educational background:
List any special qualifications and educational background (traditional education as well as more specific credit union or other educational accomplishments). Include degrees, certifications, etc., where appropriate.

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Please provide any additional information you think should be considered regarding why you would make a good director, what contribution you can bring to the organization, etc.

Candidate Acknowledgment:

By typing my name below, I acknowledge that the information above will be provided to the Nominating Committee for its review in considering me for nomination for election to the Board of Directors of the Association of Vermont Credit Unions. I also acknowledge that if nominated and elected, I am willing to serve as outlined in the Association's bylaws and in the information sheet titled "Director Responsibilities" which accompanied the Committee's letter emailed to member credit union chief executives on February 7, 2020.

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* 9. Electronic Signature:

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* 10. Credit Union Authorized Recommendation:

Through typing the credit union name and that of its authorized representative below, our credit union recommends consideration of the above named candidate by the Nominating Committee in selecting persons to place in nomination for possible election to the Board of Directors of the Association of Vermont Credit Unions. We understand that elected Directors must meet the qualifications set forth in the Association's bylaws and that no credit union can be represented on the Board by more than one individual.

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* 11. Submission Date: