Thanks for taking a few minutes to help set the course for Avaaz's future! As a people-powered movement, it's up to all of us to set our priorities. The poll takes a few minutes, so feel free to skip questions if you don’t have time, but every answer makes a difference!

* 1. Avaaz's ambitious mission calls us to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. There are many such gaps, and we can only work on one or two of them each week -- so a shared sense of priorities is vital in choosing where to channel our energy.

Read through them all and rank them 1 - 9, only one answer per column.

  1 (top priority) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (lowest priority)
Economic policy that benefits the common good over the elite few
Human rights, torture, genocide, human trafficking
Poverty, disease and development
Biodiversity and Conservation
Democracy movements and challenging tyrannical regimes
War, peace and security
Political corruption and abuse of power
Food and health
Climate change and the environment

* 2. Avaaz members have already suggested a wide range of specific campaigns for this year. Check the boxes of the campaigns below that you feel very strongly that we should prioritize in 2013 (Try to choose your top three):

* 3. All of our campaigns are made possible by the size, strength and commitment of our community, so we need to invest in our own capacity to make change. What do you think of each of these big ideas and directions for the development of our movement? Read through and rank how excited you are by these ideas with 1 being most excited, 6 being least excited and 7 if you oppose an idea (remember only one per column!)

  1 (most exciting direction) 2 3 4 5 6 (least exciting direction) 7 Oppose
Go Offline in a Big Way
In our campaigning Avaaz regularly organizes rallies, protests, flashmobs, and vigils around key opportunities - 10,000 events and counting! But these events are one-offs -- what if instead of only being steadily connected online, our community got together regularly to meet face to face and organize offline - organizing “Citizen Lobbyist” meet ups and training sessions, or coming together to build creative local “Avaaz teams” in major cities. This could be the year we expand our footprint from petitions and tweets to more sustained heat in the streets.
Build our Brand
Our impact as a community depends in part on how well known we are, particularly among political leaders. So far Avaaz has approached the media mainly as a campaign tool, used to deliver the voices of our members on particular campaigns to decision-makers. We've never made a big push to 'market' Avaaz to the media and tell the story of our general promise for the world in a way that increases brand recognition among key audiences. This could be a new focus for us this year - through press actions, talks, even a book.
Avaaz 2.0 : Amp up our Community Petition Site
Last year almost 20,000 Avaaz members launched their own campaigns with our new online petition tool, and racked up real victories on human rights, conservation, and more. With this new tool we can run thousands of campaigns every week at the local, national and international level. The best campaigns could continue to be supercharged by getting sent out to the whole Avaaz community, and brought to the attention of major media for extra impact.
Radically Grow the Size and Power of Our Community
Much of the strength of Avaaz comes from our numbers. At over 17 million strong now, we’re already the largest global group of our kind in history. But what if we could reach a much, much larger scale -- multiplying our size in the years to come? Through viral campaigns, new technologies, and expansion of our campaigning into new languages and countries, we might massively increase our size -- and our impact.
People Powered Media -- Go big with the Avaaz ‘Daily Briefing’
With old media collapsing and even major newspapers going bankrupt, Avaaz piloted a small new site last year called Avaaz Daily Briefing to provide people-powered media and an outstanding daily briefing on what we need to know, and what we can do about it. With over 17 million subscribers and growing fast, the readership of Avaaz is actually bigger than the world’s biggest news publications. So if we go big with it, our Daily Briefing might have a shot at being the new media.
Try a New Approach to Campaigning - Culture Change
Our campaigns target many different issue areas and urgent concerns. But we find that often all of the things we work on are heavily influenced by the attitudes and culture of people in power - politicians, journalists, and even citizens. Instead of campaigning to change decisions one at a time, what if we focused on changing people's perspectives, in a way that influenced all their decisions? We could run compelling ads and appeals that focused on inspiring public service, and engaging directly with the tough circumstances that make good politicians and journalists, as well as citizens, lose their way and get focused on the wrong things.

* 4. Which option best describes how you feel about Avaaz? (this gives us a sense of how we're all feeling about what we're doing together)

* 5. How good a job do you think Avaaz is doing?

* 6. In the last few years, we have used polls to guide our direction, but have also stayed nimble and shifted priorities to react to world events. How would you like us to use this year's poll?

* 7. Thanks so much for completing the survey! Do you have any last comments, thoughts or ideas you would like to share with us (optional)?