Welcome to the 2022 Auto Action Reader Survey

So, why are conducting the Auto Action readers survey?
Well it’s simple really, we are determined to work hard to produce a great publication every fortnight and deliver a motorsport news outlet that we can be proud of, and you our readers can be excited about. 
We can only continue to produce Auto Action with the loyal support of our readers and subscribers, we want to deliver the right content to you the consumer and the motorsport industry in general, so we want to use your honest feedback to improve the magazine and our other media outlets going forward. 
We ask you to please fill out the survey – it will only take a few minutes of your time – and we sincerely value the opinions of every reader. 
We will collect some information about you so that in return we can better understand some of the responses we might get, and we are putting up some great prizes so we need to be able to get them to you!

Thanks in advance Bruce Williams - Publisher Auto Action.

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