Autodiscoverable RSS Feeds

This brief survey aims to gather feedback on barriers to use of auto-discoverable RSS (or Atom) feeds on the entry points for University Web sites.

The survey has two parts: part 1 covers use of auto-discoverable RSS feeds and part 2 (optional) is about your institution.

This survey is based on automated surveys of use of auto-discoverable RSS feeds of UK University Web sites provided by Tony Hirst which currently report that only ~38% of UK University home pages have auto-discoverable RSS feeds - see and

Note that although this survey is aimed primarily at those responsible for managing institutional UK University Web sites if you manage Web sites in other sectors you can complete this survey. If this is the case please describe your sector on page 2 of the survey.

* 1. RSS (and the related Atom standard) has been described as feeds which provide a way of publishing dynamically updated lists of item based content in a machine readable way for the purposes of syndication or aggregation.

Are you familiar with this concept?

* 2. Auto-discovery is a mechanism by which a webpage can disclose the location of one or more RSS, Atom or other content syndication feed type in a machine readable and detectable way.

Were you familiar with auto-discovery prior to reading this survey or related posts/messages about this survey?

* 3. To what extent do you publish RSS/Atom feeds on your web site?

* 4. What sort of RSS/Atom feeds does your site publish?

* 5. If you do provide auto-discoverable RSS feeds, why have you done this?

* 6. Feel free to provide further information on reasons why you provide auto-discoverable RSS feeds.

* 7. If you do not provide auto-discoverable RSS feeds, what are the reasons for this?

* 8. Please give further information on reasons why you are unable to provide auto-discoverable RSS feeds.

* 9. What decisions or actions would be needed in order for autodiscoverable RSS feeds to be deployed more widely within your institution?