Dear researchers,

Getting published is one of the most exhilarating accomplishments researchers can have, but it is also the toughest part of their job. Through this survey, Editage Insights invites researchers globally to think about the academic publishing system: Are you happy with it? Is there anything you would like to change about the system? What are the main pain points you face getting published in international journals?

As authors, you are at the heart of the publishing system — as both producers and consumers of published research. So your opinions will help shape critical changes in the industry to make the publishing system more author-friendly. Our last survey with authors and editors, published in Learned Publishing, shed light on gaps in the perspectives of authors and editors and generated considerable discussion at industry conferences.

As publishers are thinking more and more of author needs, the industry is eagerly looking forward to the results of the current survey, and various publishers, journals, and universities are inviting authors to participate. Interim results have been shared at various industry conferences, including the 2017 STM (Association of STM Publishers), CSE (Council of Science Editors), SSP (Society for Scholarly Publishing), ISMTE (International Society of Managing and Technical Editors) conferences and the Peer Review Congress. We’ll also share the results with journal editors and industry influencers globally.

The survey should take only about 15 minutes to complete. On completion, you will be eligible to enter a lucky draw:
  • 3 Grand Prize winners will be offered a free 1-minute video (created by the Editage Video Team) of their most recent published paper, which they can use to promote their research. Please visit the Editage Video Summaries page on YouTube to view video samples.
  • 10 additional winners will each receive an Amazon voucher worth $50 (USD). 
So take the time to fill out this survey with your honest responses. I assure you any identifying information will be treated as confidential. A copy of the survey report will be shared on request.

Warm regards,
Clarinda Cerejo

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