Volunteer of the Year Nominations

The 'Volunteer of the Year Award' recognises a volunteer, who has made a significant contribution during the year of the award, rather than over a period of time.  The Award is announced at the Blues Awards function in late November.


A volunteer is defined as a club member who has given his/her time to the betterment of the club  without seeking payment for services rendered, save for a small honorarium or free subscriptions and/or the payment of personal expenses.

Coaches should not be nominated for Volunteer awards as there is a separate category of awards for coaches.

Only one nomination/sport will be accepted for each award category.


The Volunteer of the Year Award may not be awarded to a person, who has acted in an unsporting manner to the detriment of the welfare of such person's club or to the prejudice of the dignity and honour of AU Sport or the University, and no person who has so acted shall be nominated for any such award.


A nomination must be:

1. Completed online

2. Received by AU Sport by the due date

3. Provide suitable information for the AU Sport Board to understand the justification for the nomination

4. Letter of support from the club/person(s) making the nomination and any other supporting documentation must be received by AU Sport before the closing date to be considered by the AU Sport Board. This is the responsibility of the person submitting the nomination. Any supporting documents can be provided to AU Sport either by:

a) Email: generalmanager@theblacks.com.au

b) In person or via post to the AU Sport office:
                   Ground Floor, George Murray Building
                   Gate 10, Victoria Drive,
                   University of Adelaide

                   SA                5005

5. Only in special cases will the AU Sport Board consider an incomplete nomination form.

Nominations close: Friday 13 October

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* 1. Which category is the applicant being nominated for?

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* 2. Nominee details:

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* 4. Is the Nominee a current UofA Student?

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* 5. Student ID (if applicable)

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* 6. Is the Nominee a former UofA Student?

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* 7. Does the Nominee know they have been nominated?