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I work in the Collections and Heritage Department at the Royal Instituion and am currently completing a Masters course in Digital Heritage. My dissertation project is based around the use of audio collections by heritage organisations using the Ri as a case study. The Ri has over 300 recordings of lectures which date back to the early 1950s and include many famous speakers. It’s a wonderful resource but, while we have several films from video archive on the Ri Channel, only a few of the historic audio recordings have been digitised and none are accessible online.

I’m using our archive as a case study to investigate whether there is enough interest to put some historic audio material up online and what formats might be best. I’d be very grateful if you could spend a minute or two filling this form in; the information gathered will be a great help for my dissertation but I hope that it will also help to make a case in the future for funding to digitise our recordings and make them accessible. Please only complete the form if you're happy for your opinions to be used for this project.

Many thanks for your time. If you’d like any more information about the archives or other historic collections please do get in touch, all the details can be found on the Ri website (

Jane Harrison

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